As a business owner, I love to hear other entrepreneurs’ business-origin stories. What inspired them to take the leap? Was it one big aha moment or a series of life events?  My own introduction to entrepreneurship came from the compassion fatigue and burnout that ended my career as a criminal-defense attorney, which motivated me to open my own wellness business. Now, I bridge the legal and health & wellness professions by advising health & wellness business owners on the law and educating attorneys about wellness.  

Transforming Pain into Passion

I particularly enjoy talking with business owners who have turned their own lemons into lemonade. Now you get a chance to meet the wonderful entrepreneurs I’ve met!

Blog Series

This is the first post in an ongoing series about entrepreneurs who have turned a personal setback into an inspired business idea. Know anyone like that? Submit a comment below with the name of someone for the next post in this series.

Meet Claire Richmond

Claire Richmond was an avid runner and running coach until she

Claire Richmond of Hello and High Five

fell ill. For months no one could figure out what was going on; she even had to be in a wheelchair for a period of time. Claire was on the sidelines, sitting on the couch while others were out running, but she didn’t let despair take over. Claire had other passions: graphic design and mail – real mail – the kind where you put pen to paper, add a stamp, and deliver your thoughts and emotions into another’s hands.

High Five to Claire

Hello and High Five was born from a fusion of Claire’s passions. Claire began designing fitness-inspired greeting cards to send to runners training for their next race. And when her cyclist friends asked for their own cards, she designed those, too. Ditto her yoga friends. Claire was inspired to design a line of greeting cards to send high fives in a whole new way, saying things like “Your perspiration is my inspiration.”

Claire now receives twice weekly infusions due to the diagnosis of a rare metabolic disorder. She tries to make her time at the hospital productive. Lately she spent those hours at the hospital sending out high fives as part of her new campaign supporting runners in the Des Moines Women’s Half Marathon + 5K. And she recently laced up her own running shoes to run again for the first time in months. Step by step, she’s recovering her health and motivating others along the way.

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