As a business owner, I love to hear other entrepreneurs’ business-origin stories. What inspired them to take the leap? Was it one big aha moment or a series of life events?  My own introduction to entrepreneurship came from the compassion fatigue and burnout that ended my career as a criminal-defense attorney, which motivated me to open my own wellness business. Now, I bridge the legal and health & wellness professions by advising health & wellness business owners on the law and educating attorneys about wellness.  

Transforming Pain into Passion

I particularly enjoy talking with business owners who have turned their own lemons into lemonade. Now you get a chance to meet the wonderful entrepreneurs I’ve met!

Blog Series

This is the third post in an ongoing series about entrepreneurs who have turned a personal setback into an inspired business idea. Know anyone like that? Submit a comment below with the name of someone for the next post in this series.

Meet Jenene Armstrong

Jenene had a lengthy corporate marketing career that she enjoyed. But the same week she and her husband moved into their newly-built home, she learned her job was being eliminated. You might expect that she was terrified or angry, but Jenene felt relieved; she now had the freedom to try something new.

Feeling Fabulous Again

Instead of looking for work in the same field, Jenene earned certifications as a health coach and personal trainer and opened her business HealthFit Coach. Her own health had suffered with the demands of a family and busy career, as well as the changes brought by menopause. So, Jenene focuses on working with women who are 45 and older who want to feel fabulous again, just like she does, by offering personal training, health coaching, and guided cleanses. Register for her June 18 class “Kick that Sugar Habit for Good” at Des Moines Community Education to begin seeing improvements in your own health!

Let’s Build a Solid Foundation for Your Inspiration

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