Over the weekend I sat down to review my business goals and set new ones. There are lots of goal-setting methods out there, but I like to combine a few of them when I set mine.

Set Goals that are Realistic but Challenging

When you think about the goals you’re setting, make them challenging but also realistic. For instance, if you’re currently working for someone else but want to start your own health & wellness business, it’s probably not realistic to quit your job and start your own business next month. It may be more realistic to set a goal for starting your own business in a year or 2.

“A goal is a dream with a deadline.” – Nick Ferrazzi

Steps for Goal Setting

Here are some steps you might follow in setting goals:

  1. Establish a timeline. How far out are you planning? You might set goals for one, three, or five years depending on how complicated or challenging they are. Once you’ve decided that, break each year up into pieces. It can be overwhelming to say “In 3 years I want to own my own successful salon with 2 employees” if you’re currently working for someone else, don’t have any money saved up, and don’t know anything about running a business. Break each year into increments by setting goals for every three months. If you want to start your own business in 18 months, you might start with goals for saving money each month, talking with a financial advisor, and taking classes or reading books on starting your own business. Also, breaking your goals up into mini-goals like this gives you a feeling of accomplishment along the way.
  2. Be specific. How will you measure your success? That varies for each of us but give yourself some metric. A vague goal to own your own business “someday” isn’t challenging or specific. You might set a goal to save $200 a month to invest in startup costs for your business.
  3. Choose helpers. No successful business person does it alone. For each goal you set and the mini-goals within them, choose at least 1, if not 2 or 3, people who can help you. It may be your friend who works in marketing and gives you tips, a professional you can hire, or a business development center where you can get free expert advice. Also select a few people who can act as mentors or advisors that you can call in when you need support.
  4. Put your goals in writing. Write your goals down. Maybe you’re more visual and drawing them feels better. Or you’re a spreadsheet kind of person. That works, too. No matter how you do it, put your goals down on the page so you’ve documented them. And hang them up somewhere where you can see them every day to remind yourself of what you’re working toward. Remember to check in with your goals occasionally to see if you’re on track or if you’d like to alter them a bit.
  5. Visualize your dreams. Allow yourself see your dreams coming true and really feel it. What does your life look when you achieve your goals? Spend a little time meditating on this each day, even for a minute.
  6. Celebrate your achievements. Every time you complete a goal or mini-goal, pause to appreciate it. Thank the people that helped you and celebrate in some way.

Upcoming Class

If you’re a massage therapist thinking about starting your own business or in the early stages of starting your own business, join me for Health & Wellness Biz 101 for Massage Therapists on August 4 in Urbandale.


If you have questions about goal setting or anything else related to your health & wellness business, contact me at regenoldlaw@gmail.com.