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Answers to some FAQ about me and my services.

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Who are you?

You already know I’m an attorney. I’m also an adjunct professor at DMACC, where I teach legal research & writing for paralegals. Before that I was an attorney at the public defender office for 11 years.

True confessions? I never wanted to be a business owner. I was looking for something different than the work I was doing, hoping a job would turn up that blended all the things I loved. I finally realized I had to create that job. So, I left my career and salary behind to become an entrepreneur.

What’s your favorite thing about what you do?

I’m a teacher and problem solver. Helping business owners like you feel confident in starting and running your business makes me feel like I could hop into a handstand in the middle of the room before my first cup of coffee. (I can’t actually do that, but I feel like I can!)

Are you really a yoga teacher and massage therapist, or is that made up?

Yes, I am! I became a yoga teacher in 2015 and a massage therapist in 2016. I wanted to try something completely different from the practice of law. The healing I’ve experienced from both was life changing.

I opened my own yoga & massage business in 2017. I offered massage and private yoga at my space, and taught yoga for a corporate client, a local studio, and the VA Hospital.

While I’m not currently teaching yoga or practicing massage, I am a registered yoga teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance and a licensed massage therapist (LMT) with the state of Iowa.

The great thing about my job is that I still get to work with health & wellness professionals.

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Give it to me straight!

How much do you charge?

Consultations are $50. My billable rate is $200/hour. But for most projects I quote a flat rate so you know up front how much it will cost. I also give free live talks on Facebook, published Health and Wellness BIZ 101: Your Business Startup Guide, and offer bundled services like the Biz 101 Start-Up Kit

Why don’t you have an office I can go to?

You noticed the P.O. box, huh? I know it’s a little weird that I meet clients virtually or at coffee shops or their businesses. But when I sat down to list all the things I was looking for in an office – peaceful, natural light, and allows me to bring my dog to work – I realized that was my house. Plus, it keeps my overhead low. As a business owner you know how important that is!

How did you learn to do what you do?

Part training, part experience, and part trial and error. I earned my law degree at Boston University School of Law in 2003, and I mostly practiced criminal law for the next 12 years.

After I started my yoga & massage business, I began learning everything I could about business by reading books and blogs, attending classes and workshops, and completing continuing legal education in business law.

Not to mention what I’ve learned from starting my own businesses and talking with lots of business owners. Let’s just say “the hard way” isn’t the only way to learn.

What was the hardest part about starting your own health & wellness business?

Fear. Fear that I was doing it wrong, that I’d screw something up, that people wouldn’t like what I had to offer, that I wouldn’t make enough money. (Sound anything like the fear playlist screaming in your head?)

I did it anyway.

Don’t ever let fear stop you. Because it’s probably a sign you’re on the right track.

Who do you help?

What inspired you to help health & wellness business owners?

I was giving one of my yoga teachers a massage in my first few months of massage school when she said, “You should work with health & wellness businesses. You know, give them legal advice?”

I’d just left the practice of law a few months before, so I told her, “Nah, not interested.”

Still, the idea stuck in the back of my mind.

Once I began teaching business & marketing to massage students, I began geeking out on the business side of things. I realized I enjoyed that part more than running my own health & wellness business. Plus, I missed the law.

I also met a lot of struggling new business owners who didn’t share my love of the business side. So, I opened my law office to blend my passions for law, business, teaching, and the health & wellness field by helping business owners like you figure out the business side. (Geeking out isn’t required.)

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Personal Trainers
Pilates Instructors
Holistic Practitioners
Massage Therapists
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What’s it like to work with you ?

What can I expect when I work with you?

You can expect that I’ll treat you honestly and fairly. I’ll talk to you like one business owner to another because that’s what you are.

I’ll quote you a fair price for my work and I’ll honor it, even if it takes longer than I expect. We’ll put the fee agreement in writing, so we both know the deal.

You’ll get prompt replies to your emails and phone calls. And I listen, I mean really listen, to what it is you need.

Most of all, you’ll gain the confidence + peace of mind to be the best business owner you can be, so you can focus on doing what you truly love: helping others.


Services Offered

  • Legal Advice
  • Business Consulting
  • Classes & Webinars

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