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Let’s Put on Your Business Training-Wheels

Wouldn’t it be a relief to have someone guide you through the first few months of starting your business?

Wouldn’t it feel reassuring to have an advisor who could not only write and review forms and contracts but also answer your questions about business practices?

If you answered yes . . .

That’s where I come in. I advise business owners like you because I’ve been there: overwhelmed and scared of doing something wrong but desperately wanting the freedom and options of working for myself.

I created this start-up kit just for you, so you don’t have to go it alone and figure it all out by yourself like I did.

I started out by taking workshops and reading books. Then I began teaching business classes (because one of the best ways for me to learn anything is to agree to stand up and teach it to others). And now, guess what . . . I’m also writing a book on it!

Enough about me – what’s in it for YOU?!

Biz 101 Start-Up Kit Contents

This kit is a 90-day business-launching program that includes the following:

  • Initial in-person consultation to discuss your business dreams and needs. Value: $200
  • Formation of a single-member LLC, including filing fee, to protect your personal assets. Value: $400
  • Preparation of a waiver of liability or informed consent form to protect your business and set you apart as a professional. Value: $150
  • Review of a lease or contract with tips on negotiating a better agreement (or preparation of second form for your business). Value: $150
  • A 30-minute phone consultation each month for three months to check in on your business progress. Value: $300
  • Regular emails in response to your questions about the start-up process. Value: $100
  • Worksheets to help you focus on the launch steps, find your market niche, and establish your rates and business budget. Value: $75
  • Guidance and support from an advisor with real-world experience. Value: priceless
  • Total value: $1,375
  • Total investment for Biz 101 Start-Up Kit: $900

Flexible Payment Option

You can take advantage of the flexible payment option by paying for the Kit over three months. That’s $300 a month for three months – an investment in your business and peace of mind.

Ready to launch your business dreams?

Click the button to download the Start-Up Kit agreement.

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Success Favors the Prepared Business Owner

Don’t let fear and overwhelm stop you from starting the business of your dreams. By working with me you get your own professional advisor to help you navigate your way through the start-up process. In exchange, you receive not only legal documents to establish and protect your business, but also authentic advice and one-on-one guidance.

If you prefer to go it alone

I understand that you might not be ready to make this investment. If you prefer to figure it out on your own, check out some great free resources here. Also, remember to always maintain your professional liability insurance. (You do carry professional liability insurance, right?)

If Crossing Your Fingers and Hoping for the Best Aren’t Your Style

If going it alone isn’t your style because you don’t have the time and energy to wade through all the free resources and classes out there, or you know one-size-fits-all advice won’t work for you, it’s time to make an investment in your dreams by working with me.

Still have questions?

Not sure if the Start-Up Kit is right for you? Let’s talk!

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As I was finishing up massage school at the end of 2016, my friend Bob suggested we rent a space together. I was planning to start my own business while he still had a full-time job and wanted to offer massage on the side. It made sense financially to rent a space together. But the idea gave me pause for two reasons: 1) I know myself pretty well and sharing just isn’t one of my strengths; and 2) Bob was my friend and I wanted to keep it that way. Given those two things, could sharing space possibly work?

Doing Business Together

You and your friend get along great and your skills complement each other. So, when you have a great business idea, it only makes sense to form a business together, right? Maybe.

“The mere exercise of developing a partnership agreement will illuminate the unspoken fears and foibles that usually stay hidden until things get fractured. The process will also bring forth the beautiful synergies and intentions that make the union so potentially rewarding.” – Danielle Laporte, The Firestarter Sessions, at p. 284 (Harmony Books 2012).

Not So Fast

While my friend Bob and I weren’t planning to form a business together, sharing space would impact both of our businesses and our friendship. I suggested we sit down and talk about the idea first. I wanted to know what kind of space he was looking for and how he wanted to decorate it because one space needed to be able to reflect both of us. Then there was how much we were willing to pay in rent and how to split it, as well as what kind of schedule we’d each keep. Once talked about it and found we had a similar vision, we began looking for a space that fit that vision.

“You’re laying the groundwork here for how you will continue to make important decisions, manage change, and respond to tough times together.” – Id.

Forming a Business Partnership

Even if you and your friend don’t choose to create a formal partnership by registering with the Iowa Secretary of State, you may still be treated like a partnership in the eyes of the law. That means you could both be liable for the other’s actions if you’re sued, and without a formal structure, you personal assets could be vulnerable. Not to mention the detriment to your friendship if your business doesn’t work out or if it’s fantastically successful but not following the vision of one of the original partners. When all is said and done, will your friendship remain?

“If you can’t face your present-day fears directly, then you’re ill-prepared for harsh realities. And that’s the prickly, uncomfortable work that needs to be done when cocreating agreements.” – Id.

Put it in Writing

A strong partnership requires a written partnership agreement. That begins with a discussion between the two of you about the division of responsibility, shares of the business, legal rights to anything you create, and what happens if one of you wants to leave the partnership or dies. Once you’ve talked through these details, which admittedly isn’t easy, then you can put them into writing.

Once Bob and I found a space we both liked, we sat down again to discuss the details. We negotiated how much we’d pay and the schedule we each wanted. We talked about how we wanted to decorate it and who’s equipment we’d use since we both had massage tables and Thai mats. This required give and take by both of us. 

After the discussions, I wrote up a simple agreement that we both read and signed. It reflected all the things we’d talked about. It was also a good tool when one of us didn’t remember something because that’s part of what happens with verbal agreements – people recall details incorrectly or don’t remember the whole thing. That’s why you want to put your partnership agreement in writing. I’m happy to say that when our lease was up, and I decided to close my massage practice to focus on my law practice, we were, and still are, friends.

Our agreement was a simple one, and I’m an attorney. You may want to consult with an attorney as well about your partnership agreement because there may be issues or complications you’re not aware of. Then you can focus on the joy of doing business with your friend!

“If you can make it through the agreement-building process, you clear the runway to really soar.” – Id.


If you have any questions about forming a partnership or creating a partnership agreement, please contact me at 515.238.483 or

Give Your Business a Check-Up

As a health & wellness professional, you know how to take care of yourself and your clients/patients, but how frequently do you give your business a check-up? Do you have questions regarding your business or about starting one, but you’re concerned about the time and money it takes to consult an attorney? Do you have a business idea you’d like to run by someone but not sure who to ask?


Free Consultation

Now your health & wellness business can get the check-up it needs. Meet with me for a free, confidential 30-minute consultation to discuss your business concerns or ideas. In exchange, you’ll receive my undivided attention, straightforward advice, and actionable steps to take when you leave.
All you need to do is show up between the hours listed, fill out an intake form, and take your turn. All consultations are drop-in only, no appointment needed.

Popping Up Around the Metro

I’ll be consulting with you at different health & wellness businesses around the metro in the coming months. Thank you to the generous local business owners who are allowing me to use their space!

Upcoming Dates

Thursday, August 23, 2018   12:00-2:00PM   

Keystone Chiropractic, 2900 University Avenue, Suite 330, West Des Moines, Iowa

Wednesday, September  19, 2018  5:30-7:30PM

Balance Yoga Lounge, 2202 W. 1st Street, Ankeny, Iowa

Wednesday, October 17, 2018  1:30-3:30PM

Peterson Holistic Services, 3005 86th Street, Urbandale, Iowa


Please contact me at or 515.238.4683.